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September 27, 2008

Fall Fair

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today the fall fair party came out.

here is a secret to get a lot of tickets quickly

  1. go to the dock
  2. go to the game spin the wheel
  3. spin it once
  4. after the first spin press tab you will see a yellow box keep pressing it till it is on quit game
  5. then press and hold enter for ten seconds

The pin is a lollipop and is located at the light house

the member arcade is a place for members to get there go to the snow forts then go here

here are the pirzes for non-members

that’s all Bosco899


September 19, 2008

Furniture Catalog

Today it is talk like a pirate day

so say arg and have some cream soda

here are the furniture secrets

click the wall chalkboard for the chalkboard

Click the pizza oven twice for the stainless steel fridge

click the green note for the guitar stand

click the top of the umbrella chair for the blender

That’s all Bosco899

September 18, 2008


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Hey everyone today the new newspaper came out here is the autumn sneak peak.

which means a new play new clothing and new furniture and igloos

here are the events.

That’s all Bosco899

September 13, 2008

New Play and Pin Plus I’m Back

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sorry about this late post i had a really important place to be yesterday.I’m work ing on my Black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and i need to go to class a lot.

The new pin is located at the dock

Now the new play came out there are many secrets. The play Is called Ruby And the Ruby.

first there is a costume trunk cheat. click the doornob for the darker

Also you to the back of the catalog and click the how do i get coins sig and drag it down for the noir Background

click these items for the secret Ruby Pin

click those then click the safe and get the ruby pin

That’s all Bosco899

News Paper

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Hey today a new new newspaper came out. here is the autumn preview

also on the play is a mystery page click on these items to see the playbill

here are the upcoming events

That’s all Bosco899

September 5, 2008

New Clothing Catalog

Hey everybody today a new clothing catalog came out here are the cheats

Click on the yellow puffle for the red viking helmet

Open and close it three times to get the blue viking helmet

click on the penguins mouth for the mixed bracelets.

Click the acoustic guitar for the jade necklace

That’s all Bosco899

September 4, 2008


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Hey everbody today the new newspaper came out here are the upcoming events

That’s all Bosco899

September 3, 2008

Sneak peek

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Today aqua grabber was updated. it is harder for you to lose air. and there is a glitch. (very secret

Also Billybob posted a sneak peek on this fridays clothing catalog

That’s all Bosco899

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