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August 29, 2008

New pin and Furniture Catalog

the new pin is a 150Th golden newspaper and is located in the boiler room

also a new catalog came out today here are the secrets

click the lava lamp for the blender

click the upright piano for the guitar stand.

That’s all Bosco899


August 28, 2008

150th Edition Of The Club Penguin Times

Happy 150TH

celebrating 150 issues of the club penguin times

here are the events

that’s all Bosco899

August 27, 2008

Club Penguin DS Game Countdown

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So you know about the Club penguin ds game. It’s launching November 4 2008

here i made a countdown Click here

That’s all Bosco899

August 22, 2008

Penguin Games

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The penguin games have finally come.

The face paint has returned.

The red facepaint is located at the coffee shop

The blue facepaint is located at the pizza parlor.

Click on the medal to get started.

There are three events:

1.The Marathon. A race consisting of running through the whole island while lighting up buzzers.(located at the ski village)

2.Freestyle swim. A freestyle race consisting of six laps of the pool.(located at the pool)

3. Three lap race. A race consisting of three laps around the ice berg (located at the iceberg

Complete all three events to get the gold medal.

Finish all of it and get the gold medal

That’s all Bosco899

August 21, 2008


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Hey today the new newspaper cam out can’t wait for the penguin games tomorrow. Here are theupcoming events.

I am now 50% sure the facepaint will comeback.

That’s all Bosco899

August 15, 2008

New Pin and Sports Catalog

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The pin is located at the stage on the right balcony. The line is how you get up there.

Today the sports catalog came out there is one new secret.

Click the blue pompom for the orange football helmet.

and as always click the surfboard then the two shells for the silver surfboard.

also a new igloo catalog came out today. here are  the secrets.

Click the crowbar for the secret stone igloo.

Click the door of the deluxe snow igloo for the secret deluxe stone igloo.

That’s all Bosco899

August 14, 2008


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You’ve been watching the olympics,but now comes something even better.

(warning to all people that have face paint. the face paint might come back)

You will be working for medals.

That’s all Bosco899

August 12, 2008

Aqua Grabber Secret

there is a very big secret i discovered while playing Aqua Grabber. As far as i know I’m the First to know.

here it is. You know where mullet blocks the path in the soda seas level. Well thhis secret is to get by him.

now you get all the cream sodas and the last one you go up to the air pocket and bump the top of the rock

A worm will come out. go pick it up.

Now you gotta go catch a little yellow fish. Watch his patterns and figure out where he will be next the put the worm right were he will go. He will bite onto it and start squirming. DON’T LET GO.

Now Bring it over to where mullet is let him bite onto it.

Now let mullet go and he will swim away. now the path is open.Go in it and go to the top and grab some air then go all the way to the bottom. this is what you will find.

Look its clutzy the crab. He will bring money across and you have to grab it from him. Do this till the pile if money is gone.

If you want to copy this post you must put my link

That’s all Bosco899

August 11, 2008

I Met Rockhopper Again!!

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i met rockhopper again on marshamllow

and paraded thorough the rooms. When he finally stopped we started dancing and i got a pic.

That’s all Bosco899

August 9, 2008

I’m Back And Whats Happening

Well today i got back. Camp was really good.

Now lets get on with whats happening.

Rockhopper is back with a new free item.

As usaual when you find him he gives you a background.

Also rockhopper started a scavenger hunt  you are looking for paper boats.

to start click on the one in the top right corner of your screen and it will give you clues.

Boat number one is at the mine

Boat number two is at the cove.

Boat number three is at the coffee shop.

Boat number four is at the beach.

Boat number five is at the pool.

Boat number six is at the puffle shop.

Boat number seven is at the dock.

Boat number eight is at the iceberg.

Now you have to solve the blueprint here is the solution.

also a new play came out as i said there is a background.

That’s all Bosco899

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