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September 3, 2008

Sneak peek

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Today aqua grabber was updated. it is harder for you to lose air. and there is a glitch. (very secret

Also Billybob posted a sneak peek on this fridays clothing catalog

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August 12, 2008

Aqua Grabber Secret

there is a very big secret i discovered while playing Aqua Grabber. As far as i know I’m the First to know.

here it is. You know where mullet blocks the path in the soda seas level. Well thhis secret is to get by him.

now you get all the cream sodas and the last one you go up to the air pocket and bump the top of the rock

A worm will come out. go pick it up.

Now you gotta go catch a little yellow fish. Watch his patterns and figure out where he will be next the put the worm right were he will go. He will bite onto it and start squirming. DON’T LET GO.

Now Bring it over to where mullet is let him bite onto it.

Now let mullet go and he will swim away. now the path is open.Go in it and go to the top and grab some air then go all the way to the bottom. this is what you will find.

Look its clutzy the crab. He will bring money across and you have to grab it from him. Do this till the pile if money is gone.

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