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March 29, 2008

Green puffles

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When you go on the Cpip and play you are a green puffle and so is everyone else. LOOK

Green puffles

Isn’t it cool



March 28, 2008

April Fools Day

The April Fools Day party is here.

The First free item is the red propeller cap

Red Propeller Hat

The second free item is the swirly glasses.

April fools day three

The crayon pin is at the mine. You have to complete the dot-to-dot.


Also check out the dojo it’s just like last year.Check out all the other rooms too.

In the lounge you can play Thinicetrobarrier.



Here are the pictures of the best rooms.

Dojo A

Forest A

Ice berg A

Lighthouse A

Mine A

Sports Shop A

Dock A

The sport shop by far is the best looking but for action got to the dojo,dock and light house. Check ’em out.


March 27, 2008

April fools day is coming

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Here is april fools day animation I made

April fools

Remember go on Cub Penguin Friday for the party and a free item.


March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

(Update the easter egg hunt is over ,but this Friday is the April Fools day party)

Egg 1 is in the mine click on the lantern


Egg 2 is at the dock Click The pole next to Hydro Hopper.


The third egg is in the pet shop click the red puffle.

Egg 3

Egg four is in the book room. Click on the cactus on top of the book case.

Egg 4

Egg five is at the gift shop. Click on the poster.

Egg 5

Egg six is in the plaza. On the stage building click the left lantern.

Egg 7

Egg seven is in the Lodge attic. Move your mouse over the box and it will appear.

Egg 7

Egg Eight is the best. It’s a ninja egg. It is in the dojo. You have to chase it to get it because it moves.

Ninja Egg

Have a Awesome Easter!

Happy Easter

Here is the new furniture catalog. Here


March 15, 2008

St. Patrick’s Day

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Happy St Patrick’s day.

The free item is the gigantic St. Patrick’s Day hat. It is at the ski village

St Patrick’s Day2

The pin is in the boiler room.It’s a book.

St Patrick’s Day3

There” also a lot of other cool things. Check them out.


March 12, 2008


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The Cpip testing is awesome you get 20000 coins to spend but you lose all you items.(it doesn’t affect your penguin)

Click here tho go to the site of the Cpip. Here

Click here to register your clone. Here

Click here to test. Here

Also i saw a lot of betas even though you don’t have any of your items.I bet it’s a hack. Let’s hope they fix it.



March 8, 2008

Clothing Catalog

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Look they started to rebuild the ship.

Rockhopper ship

There is a new clothing catalog click here to see it Here

Clothing cheats

Viking helmet

open and close four times to get blue viking helmet

clothing secrets 23

Click the badge for the green snorkel

clothing secrets 25

they also brought back the sunglasses


new backgrounds

new backgrounds

They also have some other good stuff check it out

Thats all Bosco899

March 6, 2008

St Patricks Day

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hey st. patricks day is coming up soon and i realized that the new wallpaper has three old pins in it.

here is the link it was too big to fit. Here

the balloon pin,the clover pin and the pot of gold pin.

i really hope they don’t bring back the green hat.Here is a pic of me wearing it.

green hat

That’s all Bosco899

March 5, 2008


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They updated jet pack adventure.Now you go faster and they put the stage in for the second level

jet pack


p.s. my friend made me these.

(“)(“)   dead bunny
( ‘_’ )

March 2, 2008

Club penguin improvement project

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I guess their improving Club Penguin

improvement project click the picture to visit the site.Click the eye scanner for the countdown.

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