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August 22, 2008

Penguin Games

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The penguin games have finally come.

The face paint has returned.

The red facepaint is located at the coffee shop

The blue facepaint is located at the pizza parlor.

Click on the medal to get started.

There are three events:

1.The Marathon. A race consisting of running through the whole island while lighting up buzzers.(located at the ski village)

2.Freestyle swim. A freestyle race consisting of six laps of the pool.(located at the pool)

3. Three lap race. A race consisting of three laps around the ice berg (located at the iceberg

Complete all three events to get the gold medal.

Finish all of it and get the gold medal

That’s all Bosco899


August 21, 2008


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Hey today the new newspaper cam out can’t wait for the penguin games tomorrow. Here are theupcoming events.

I am now 50% sure the facepaint will comeback.

That’s all Bosco899

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